Problems & Solutions

In this section, you´ll find solutions to your most common painting problems and learn how to make your paint job last a long time. Choimer Paints's extensive product line, has the answer to all your painting needs.

Bubbles under the paint film due to lack of adhesion.
Generally only white paint experiences yellowing.
Wrinkles in the paint that occur during drying.
Deep cracks on a painted surface. Generally occurs outdoors.
Paint looks like alligator skin due to a loss of elasticity in the coa...
Poor Alkali resistance
Alkalinity is humidity-induced salt formation.   It can also occur whe...
Foaming - Cratering
Bubbles that leave crater-like marks in the paint.
Paint falls off in layers or flakes, due to poor adhesion.
Peeling on exterior sidings
Paint falls off in layers or flakes, due to poor adhesion.
Paint drips downward at the moment of application, resulting in uneven...
Premature loss of colour due to sun exposure, occurring mainly on exte...
Formations of a fine layer of dust on the surface.
Poor scrub resistance
Fading or wearing away of paint that is scrubbed or washed.
Poor hiding
Old wall pattern or colour still visible despite having been painted o...
Roller marks
Texture marks left by the roller.
Appearance of a denser colour or increased gloss where wet and dry lay...

Surface problems

Efflorescence on walls
Salt deposits on the surface due to humidity.
Holes and cracks
Surface imperfections (fractured paint, moisture, poor appearance) c...
Algae and Mildew
Mildew is a microorganism that forms in damp locations with little o...
Algae and Mildew
Surface dirt or stains due to dust and/or environmental contaminants...
Grease on walls
Oil, grease or grime on wall surfaces. Common in kitchens and garage...

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